"Thank you to Cea Loveless Builders! The delivery of the home was excellent and there was no problems with the house. Special thank you to William and Brooke who responded immediately to requests. We like everything about the new home!" - Nina


"Just a quick note to let you guys know how thankful we are for our wonderfully built house during this terrible winter freeze!  The quality materials you guys used helped keep our house from getting below 55 degrees while our power was out for 35 hours.  I know some of our neighbors were claiming they could see their breath or recorded their house hitting 40 degrees inside!

And all of our pipes held up great.  It was amazing to be able to turn off the water so easily with the system you installed. 

Hope you guys came through this crazy weather week ok :)" - Jill and Chris

"We love our new home.  It reflects our needs and inspires us on a daily basis. Building a home is a complex process that works best at the intersection of teamwork, communications, design, workmanship and integrity. C-LDB demonstrated these values and capabilities at each stage of the project, including after we took ownership of our beautiful home." - Mike and Megan

"Thank you Cea Loveless Design Builders! We love the unique and custom features of our new home! The attention to detail, high quality materials, unique design and outstanding customer service made building a house feel virtually seamless with the whole dedicated team. We highly recommend C-LDB to anyone planning to build their next home." - Tom and Laura

“We purchased a home from Cea+Loveless Design Build in the spring of 2016 and our appreciation of the craftsmanship has only increased over time. We receive countless compliments on the style and uniqueness from friends to the everyday passerby. It truly stands out, which is notable in the Heights being a neighborhood already well-known for home design diversity. Robert and his team have been extremely professional and courteous, going beyond with a personal touch for an exceptional level of attention and customer service. Overall, it’s been a great experience and would highly recommend to anyone with discerning taste!” - Tuan and Healy

"The whole process of building a house was an incredibly pleasant experience all the way around!  We were initially drawn to C+LDB because we had seen some previous builds and appreciated the design and quality of their finished products.  Upon meeting Robert and Sandra, they proved to be great listeners and had great ideas. These meetings made us comfortable and helped us to trust them quickly.  They were very knowledgeable and helpful during the planning stages.  We could not have made all the design choices without their expert guidance!  They embraced our ideas and helped bring them to life. The building process went smoothly and if there was a snag, they never panicked.  The quality of their work and materials is outstanding and the whole team takes great pride in their work.  Our neighbors have all commented on how respectful and pleasant all of the workers were throughout the building process.  We have loved getting comments from friends, neighbors and from people walking the neighborhood about how much they love the house.  More importantly, we love the house!  C+LDB team exceeded all our expectations.  We have definitely sung their praises and have recommended them to friends." - Chris and Jill



"The things we worried about most when building our house were whether the builder would be honest and competent.  That's what made the experience with Cea-Loveless so stress free.  From almost the beginning it was obvious we had a contractor with integrity that had the knowledge and experience to complete the job professionally and on time. The prices of changes to the contract were fair, and the changes were executed within the original time frame. We have recommended this builder to a number of our friends and will continue to do so." - Mike and Brian


"I'd start by saying I've never met anyone who's claimed to have a good experience with a home builder.  Working with the Cea-Loveless team turned that stereotype on it's head and has now set an impossibly high bar for other builders.  We felt very fortunate to be allowed to have so much input along with open lines of communication throughout the project.  Every part of the home is well thought out, functional, and beautiful at the same time.  All of the materials are high quality and there weren't any "upgrade charges" I'd experienced building our last house.  I would recommend Cea-Loveless to anyone who is considering a new home." - Michelle and David

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